We are living in an app driven world. All of us, use many applications at our home, office and/or factory to get our job done. Vast amount of data collected and stored in electronic devices and computers, have to be processed and analysed to generate useful information which can in turn simplify effective decision making, increase productivity and streamline business process.

Enterprise resources range from human capital, raw materials, assets, data acquisition devices, machineries and many more. In order to experience a seamless & productive business environment, organisations need to deploy and manage multiple application services.

We work closely with your organization in understanding your business process, pain points and scope of improvement. Our exposure to diverse business environments and association with technology leaders and business associates – enable us to find the right product that is cost effective and easy to operate and maintain.

We address following application requirements:

  • Document management System(DMS) & Workflow mgmt.
  • School/College & campus automation software
  • Visitor Mgmt software
  • Workforce management
  • Human Resource Mgmt(HRM) & payroll
  • SCM & Inventory Mgmt
  • ERP for Manufacturing
  • Mail & collaboration software