Audio collaboration system

  • Includes wired/ wireless tabletop unit with mic and speaker
  • Wall/ceiling mount IR transceiver for wireless system
  • Central audio DSP(Digital Signal Processor) with software

Video Projector

  • Available based on DLP, LED and Laser technology
  • Brightness(in Lumens), throw distance are key factors to choose different models
  • wireless display adapter/extender, enables any projector to be wireless ready

Wireless Presentation System

  • Includes HDMI transmitter & Receiver
  • HDMI receiver unit can be connected to LCD TV or Projector
  • Upto 4 HDMI transmitter connected to laptops can be paired to the receiver
  • With IR Remote control, you can choose the source for HD quality video transmission
  • No drivers or software required –saves time & technical resource
  • Eliminates cabling from projector to conference table and distribution to cable chubby

Projection Screen

  • available in multiple sizes to enhance video experience for training room, boardroom or meeting room
  • Manual screens – inexpensive & easy to operate like a vertical window shade
  • Motorized screens – wall/ceiling mounted larger screen with motorised up/down movement through remote control

Large Format (LCD/LED) Display

  • Commercial grade LCD/LED displays – meant for 24×7 reliable operation
  • Available in various sizes ranging for 32” to 90”
  • Can be used in horizontal or vertical position to suit the specific requirement
  • High resolution upto 4K
  • Multiple input/output interfaces such as HDMI, USB,VGA etc
  • Anti glare feature to avoid eye strain

Networked Lighting Control (NLC)

  • NLC system includes – LED panel, Dimmer switch & Control software
  • LED panel- standard 2’x2’ ceiling mount, PoE powered, Bluetooth, 2300 lumens
  • Dimmer Switch – PoE powered soft switch with 10-100% brightness control
  • LED App software-enables iOS & Android based smartphone/tablet to control/monitor/ management of LED panel & Dimmer switch for  on/off, brightness, device discovery, group management, schedule configuration, power usage & energy statistics

Interactive White Board

  • Suitable for classroom/ training room
  • IR powered for flawless operation
  • USB interface – connects laptop/desktop effortlessly
  • Pre-loaded with basic interactive software
  • Optical sensors with less than 0.8 milli seconds touch response time
  • High luminance nanotechnology with 0.1mm touch accuracy
  • Chalk-free and environment-friendly classrooms
  • Made of coated metalic frame with ceramic/ non-ceramic writing surface
  • Durable, scratch-proof, fire proof, water-proof board surface
  • Record whatever written on board in pdf, video formats and create study + revision lessons for students
  • Smart in-built features such as smart shapes, smart drawing, smart handwriting recognition

Interactive Display Panel

  • Designed to Connect, collaborate & share
  • Replaces traditional projector
  • Don’t project, just connect wirelessly


Smart Podium/ Digital Lecturn

  • Built-in LED interactive touchpanel; with interactive whiteboard software
  • Ability to record audio & written content in real-time
  • In-built audio system with digital surround quality speakers and amplifier
  • Lockable doors and shelf for keyboard, mouse, laptop, CPU, documents visualizer
  • High-quality castor wheels for smooth mobility
  • Audio in-out to facilitate any external audio source.
  • Audio control switch to control volume
  • Video input to facilitate any external video source for presentation
  • In-built USB, RGB, LAN, AC power ports
  • In-built fan for cooling during long hours of operation
  • Ability to connect with multiple display options including projector screens, interactive whiteboard, LED displays

Document Camera/ Visualiser

  • High MegaPixel image sensor and digital zoom delivers ultra-clear images.
  • Built-in LED and microphone to enhance visual and audio experiences.
  • Available with USB interface for easy connect
  • HDMI/VGA input and output to your projector, monitor, or computer.
  • Integrated Software Suite to create, collaborate, upload, and share your lesson through YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox etc

Video Streaming & Recording

  • Dual HDMI or component input sources, dual channel video encoder allowing two independent Full HD video streams to be broadcast or recorded at the same time.
  • Supports Transport Stream on TCP, UDP, RTP, RTMP Publish
  • Built-in dual H.264/AVC codec
  • Wide range of output resolutions upto 1920 x 1080 Full HD
  • powerful dual H.264 High-Profile codecs,
  • intuitive Web UI allows for a short learning curve and effortless operation
  • professional grade video encoder

Video Matrix switch

  • Connects single/multiple video source with multiple displays through HDMI/DVI ports
  • System management using front panel push buttons, IR remote, Web GUII via LAN port

Digital Signage Player & software

  • DS player with 100 Mb LAN port
  • HDMI interface for LCD display
  • Supports USB for external device and SD card for content storage.
  • Full HD 1080p decoding
  • Live streaming, VoD(Video on Demand) and Digital Signage Modes
  • Content Mgmt. Software(CMS) for scheduling, monitoring and group management of all signage players across the campus
  • Simple & easy WebUI design for editing Layout and building templates

Video Wall

  • includes Video wall controller, Video receiver, LCD display and management software
  • convenience of multiple input interface for video sources and output interface to support LCD displays in grid layout
  • Video wall grade LCD/LED display – stacks multiple units to create larger video walls.
  • Management software allows you to create customised screen layouts through an easy-to-use web interface
  • The Power over HDBaseT (POH) feature provides power to the receivers through the Cat 5e cable without the need of using an additional power supply.
  • System management via front-panel push buttons, IR, RS-232 and Ethernet (Telnet / Web GUI) connections
  • Video wall processor takes multiple video sources and outputs them to a single display.
  • The panels with ultra narrow bezel and joint free feature can be installed in portrait or landscape orientation,
  • Display panels are interconnected using display port In/out in a daisy chain format
  • EDID settings for smooth power-up, high-quality display and use of the best video resolution across different screens