Organizations across the world are realizing the need to outsource their IT infrastructure to a trusted vendor, not just for cost benefit but more so from a better quality and service delivery perspective

Infrastructure management Service(IMS) is as good as the setup is configured and maintained over a period of time. The demand for application aware network performance, information security & application delivery policies is dynamic and keeps changing from time to time. Hence, organisation needs a reliable solution/service provider rather than a product supplier who can provide good technical support and work together for ever-changing security landscape.

In simple terms, Managed Service underlines the concept of “You operate, We maintain“. This model involves full or partial delivery of professional service for IT infrastructure that includes LAN, WAN, Firewall, server, storage,  applications and OS .

This service is offered to our customers to reduce complexity, improve reliability and optimize the cost of their operations with remote/on-site technical support, repair and spare management services.

Our experience in handling IT infrastructure system, exposure to diverse equipments & environments, periodical checkup, timely response to any breakdown, skill set of technical person, working relationship with respective OEMs and business associates – are key factors for diagnosis, troubleshooting, fine tuning and maintaining the entire system for hassle free operation.

We also have to understand that every electronic components and equipments has MTBF(Mean Time Between failure). The lifespan and operation of any system that includes hardware and software depends on many factors like environment, handling, upgrades & patch management etc. Based on various factors, the system performance starts degrading over a period of time.  Our AMC/managed service includes consultancy service and we keep our customers updated about lifespan of existing equipments, obsolesce of products,  roadmap of new technology and products etc.

With Preventive and breakdown maintenance, we put our best effort to minimize the outage of IT services within your organisation.