Companies are looking for skilled workforce and not just manpower, thereby pushing the job aspirants to look for other resources. The rise in demand for Training & Skill Development has encouraged us to adopt unified learning system that combines eLearning method & onsite projects to impart industry appropriate courses to the prospective learners.

Technician-Network Cabling

Statistics shows that 70% of network failure is due to the cabling problem. The life of structured cabling is much more than that of computer hardware, software & networking hardware and it is practically not possible to change the cabling frequently. Hence cabling forms the basic foundation of IT infrastructure within an organization. The Cabling solution is offered using copper and Fiber optic as a physical media and its associated termination & patching components.

Technician- Server & Storage

A computer which serves the request of any other computer/client over the network (LAN/WAN) is called a Server. In order to provide un-interrupted service, high performance computing and faster access to multiple users across LAN/WAN/internet, organizations need to have the right server.

Technician- Switching & Routing

To support the growing demand for data, voice and video applications, faster processing speed of servers and workstations – the organization has to have switching equipment which can transmit packets from one end to other end with minimum latency and maximum throughput. A router is an intelligent device which joins two or more networks.