For all businesses and organizations, people are the most important asset. How they work together, communicate, and collaborate is the primary driver of success. Unified communication, is the way to create a technology infrastructure that makes us more efficient, productive, and collaborative. Unified communication is combination of voice, video, instant messaging, voice mail, email, etc.

IP Telephony & VoIP

With the availability of today’s new convergence technology, more and more people are planning to deploy voice traffic over existing data networks.

IP telephony is the combination of voice, data, video, and wireless applications into an integrated enterprise infrastructure that offers the reliability, interoperability, and security of a voice network, the benefits of IP, and the efficiencies, mobility, and the manageability of a single network infrastructure.

IP telephony removes the limitations of proprietary EPABX system that is location-centric, hardware dependant and has complex cabling infrastructure with limited scalability.

Like any other enterprise applications, unified communication system allows organizations to manage their communication needs with industry standard hardwares like – VoIP gateway, IP phone, Soft phone, wireless phone, video phone, IP speaker, analog telephone etc.

Voice over IP (VoIP) is the technology that is used to transmit voice over an IP network, which can be either a corporate network or the Internet. VoIP technology preserves a company’s infrastructure investment by IP-enabling existing PBX and conventional phones. In this case, an organization having multiple offices, stores, plants at different locations with individual PBX can communicate each other using media gateways and router at different locations.

OEMs: Grandstream, Sangoma, Matrix, Panasonic

Public address system

PA system  is used to reinforce a sound source and distributing throughout a venue or building. PA systems are widely used in education institution, hospital, factory  and commercial buildings – to announce or declare states of emergency, Intercom systems, music or share information.

We offer IP based PA system that can be integrated with IP telephony and LAN infrastructure. It removes additional proprietary cabling infrastructure and its maintenance.  Bi-directional PA device  can also be used in education, healthcare and other industries for voice recording used for monitoring & training purpose.

Video Conferencing & Collaboration

In business, your survival needs communications infrastructure that is more powerful, faster and agile than that of your competitors. Time to market and the rapid deployment of technology can mean the difference between profit and loss. Video conferencing can produce tangible benefits and measurable results. By replacing the need for in-person meetings, videoconferencing

  • Reduces travel expenses & saves time
  • Increases collaboration & teamwork
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Enables – distant learning, training, tele-medicine etc.
  • Strengthens relationships –with colleagues, partners & customers

Despite many benefits, the cost & expertise required to install & operate typical room-based VC systems has prevented many Enterprises from implementing them. The need for Video conferencing has gone beyond boardroom & conference room. Desktop & Web conferencing provides you real-time and face-to-face communication without leaving your workplace.

In cloud based conferencing model,  collaboration software is available based on yearly subscription. You can scale up or down easily and as and when needed. Based on the small, medium or large conferencing environment, compatible components like TV/display, Speaker & Mic, Camera and a laptop for centralized management have to be deployed for effective VC.

On-premise conferencing model involves multi site VC controller or codec for central office with other compatible components like TV/display, Speaker & Mic, Camera and a laptop  to carry out endpoint/Dektop conferencing and  Room/group conferencing.

OEMs: Panasonic, Lifesize, Logitech, Grandstream,  Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans