The new generation of security systems are IP enabled for inter-operability and connectivity and demand a great deal of expertise and proven experience in deployment and maintenance of IT infrastructure solutions.

Video Surveillance & Analytics

With the advent of IP technology in Video Surveillance, using IP camera, Network video recorder(NVR), video management software – surveillance system can be built over existing campus network.

IP based Surveillance systems have following advantages:

  • Superior image– high MegaPixel(MP)  resolution & progressive scan provides   superior image quality  and  more detailed information
  • Scalability & flexibility– integration with IT infrastructure makes moves, adds and changes very easy
  • Video Management software (VMS)– helps camera setup, remote video monitoring and recording, live viewing and remote viewing of archived video
  • Global access – live and recorded video can be accessed any time, anywhere on the corporate network/Internet/GPRS.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)– technology can be used to avoid power cabling and hence cost saving & increased reliability with centralised power backup.
  • Network Storage– helps to store video footages on NAS/SAN for long period

Video analytics  software performs automated analysis of video content based on specific data, behavior, objects or any other user-defined criteria and thus makes decision making much easier and faster. People counting, motion detection, object missing, zone intrusion, tamper detection,  number plate recognition(NPR)- can become  business intelligence tool, to empower organizations security policy & action.
In today’s business scenario – the usage of IP surveillance has gone beyond security needs and offers a wealth of information that can be used for employee productivity, business analysis, remote viewing & recording of events, weigh bridge monitoring, vehicle parking, centralized & remote monitoring of industrial equipments etc

CCTV system includes Fixed lens Dome/Bullet camera, Varifocal lens Dome/Bullet camera, Speed Dome/PTZ camera, Fisheye / Panaromic camera, NVR/ Video Management Software, Video management Workstation


OEMs: Panasonic, Vivotek, Matrix, Hikvision, Milestone

Access Control & Identity Management

With the increasing threat and advancement of technology, physical security system has taken a new dimension. Access control is the primary element in security concept. The objective is to provide protection for employees, visitors, office equipment, asset, materials, buildings and intellectual property.

Different users need different authentication, access and privilege rights.  To define  security/access policy for an office/factory premise, we need to understand the security threats  from insider & outsider.  Based on the threat perception, we need to categorise different areas/facilities considering various parameters like – theft, damage, sabotage, leakage of intellectual property, disruption of employee productivity etc.

To identify a person or material – different technologies can be used like Smart card, Bio-metric, RFID, QR code etc. The information captured by the reader – can be integrated with different software to meet the specific requirement.

Integration of these technologies with various application software helps organisation to implement following solutions:

  • Visitor management
  • Contract worker management
  • Canteen management
  • Library management
  • Asset tracking
OEMs: Matrix, Suprema, IdCube

Biometric & Time attendance

People are the most valuable asset and their time is  valuable resource. It is very challenging to capture time and attendance rules of an organization and automate them because of the diversity in attendance, timings and leave policies based on location, department, hierarchy, person and operational needs.

To avail the benefits of time-attendance policies, the biometric devices based on Fingerprint, face recognition or palm vein must be chosen wisely. An organsiation can even have combination of different biometric readers at different locations of their campus considering the level of security, ease of operation and people’s hierarchy.

Contact less or Touch free technology– is the need of the hour to protect people from any health hazard. A facial recognition system is used to identify an individual by matching the face in the image captured live through a camera with images of faces stored in a database through similarity in facial features.

In Time attendance solution, biometric reader/ hardware part constitutes about 20% of your requirement and remaining is all about software and how it suits your rules and reports.

We offer  enterprise class software that meets diverse requirements by offering a superlative range of flexibility in attendance policies, configuration,  report generation. And integration with third-party payroll, ERP or HRM software.

Handling employee queries on leave management, over time, travel schedule becomes a cumbersome task for the HR department. The modular architecture of the software  allows you to include  employee self service features like leave management, visitor management, cafeteria management, virtual message board for news and notices. Automated system based on policies defined for employees and reporting managers – increase the productivity in workforce management.

OEMs: Matrix, Suprema, IdCube

RFID- Assets & Inventory Management

The real power of RFID based solutions comes not only from the ability of the system to accurately locate equipment, personnel, and materials, but to use this information in various way that is useful to your enterprise. An RFID asset and inventory tracking system use electromagnetic fields to transmit data from an RFID tag to a reader.

Benefits of RFID Solution

  • Non-contact, non-line –of-sight nature of technology – makes it tamper proof and touch free solution
  • RFID tags can be read at remarkable speed > 100 mSec, thus saving time
  • RFID tags can be read through  visually and environmentally challenging conditions like snow, fog, ice, paint, grease, oil, etc
  • Detailed  information can be stored on the asset tags, enabling more accurate asset life cycle management.
  • RFID tags can be integrated with sensors and GPS technology to provide asset condition data, in addition to location information.
  • By integrating the solution with a wireless LAN, assets can be identified and located remotely in seconds.
  • Asset security can be improved by generating real-time alerts and alarms if assets are moved into unauthorized locations or taken out of a building.
  • RFID tags are very durable and designed to work even in hot, wet, dirty and dusty conditions.
  • read/write capability of an active RFID system is a significant advantage in automated solutions
  • Increase sales through greater product visibility.
  • Reduce labour costs by increasing efficiency.
  • Reduce out-of-stock or expired products and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Protect products from tampering & counterfeiting.
  • Reduce vendor fraud.
  • Better inventory management leads to cut administrative error.

RFID solution can be used for inventory management, Library management, document tracking, asset tracking, warehouse management etc

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