Video Conferencing Controller/ Codec

  • suitable for on-premise room/ group based video conferencing
  • multi-site communication: 4 channel, 6 channel (expandable upto 10)
  • can be connected via intranet/VPN and internet
  • can select screen layout options to match your need
  • software for Windows, android, iOS allow laptop and smartphone to participate in VC
  • Video input: 2* HDMI for camera, 1 HDMI/VGA for laptop
  • Video output: 2 * HDMI for TV
  • Audio input: 1 analog, 1 digital
  • Audio output: HDMI, RCA
  • Communication method: H.323, SIP
  • Video compression: H.263, H.264
  • Audio compression: G.711. G.722
  • Support for remote camera control, PC sharing
  • 10/100 Mbps network port
  • Inter-operable with existing VC systems
  • remote control with user-friendly buttons  allow intuitive operation.

Web Conferencing/ Cloud based VC

  • License subscription for every need like- room based group conferencing, desktop conferencing,  phone based Video chat etc.
  • interoperates with any H.323 or SIP based VC system
  • Easy installation and simple IT management minimizes setup costs and deployment time
  • VC management software with admin console improves efficiency with quick provisioning, scheduling and remote device monitoring.
  • Works with compatible VC Kit that includes admin console, conference phone, camera & video display

VC Camera

  • Various cameras to suit the requirement of Boardroom/Meeting room/ desktop based VC
  • PTZ camera with auto-tracking function for room based group conferencing
  • Wide angle Camera with integrated mic & speaker for meeting room & desktop based conferencing
  • USB/ HDMI interface – provides flexibility to connect the VC control unit

Conference phone

  • Conference phone with integrated Microphone & speaker
  • In-built array design can pickup voice upto 12 ft
  • Daisy chain upto 3 expansion mics
  • Auxiliary port: USB,
  • HD quality Speaker with
  • Supports wireless and Bluetooth
  • Call recording facility
  • Can be connected to VC admin console through USB/ wireless
  • Support SIP protocol for easy integration with existing SIP based IPBX